Client Reviews

Melissa July, 2013

Deborah Brand was amazing to work with. She handled my complicated divorce with excellent professionalism, knowledge, emotion and efficiency. She went above and beyond what I expected as I work with attorneys and had a predisposed notion. She never once wasted my time and never overbilled. I am completely happy with the work she did for me and still refer her to everyone I know going through a divorce. She knows how to get the job done and will make you feel comfortable and informed the entire process

David August, 2015

Deborah did an outstanding job of remaining neutral throughout the process. She explained the law in simple terms and provided frequent insights from her past experiences. The sessions were contentious and she maintained here composure and drove to a fair solution. I highly recommend her and have twice. Both customers have been very appreciative of the service she provided

Rosita September, 2018

After 19 years and earning more than my spouse I was terrified of the divorce process. My neighbor who is a teacher praised her experience as her own mediator. Debbie put my mind at ease during our initial consultation, and spoke with me as a friend but provided me with all the legal considerations I needed to know, which was exactly what I wanted. I found her to be a very compassionate, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable attorney

Dionne February, 2016

My involvement with Deborah came about via court order. Neither one of us wanted to do custody mediation. Very little was said between the two of us. Ms. Brand never took sides, and steered the mediation with grace and ease. A powerful woman in her own right, we were able to come to a fair custody agreement that was beneficial to all parties involved. I would highly recommend Ms. Brand to anyone. 

Philip October, 2013

Deborah made an extremely terrible life event into something bearable. I never imagined in my worst nightmare getting divorced and becoming a single parent of three children. When my wife filed she was very angry and hired a nasty lawyer. We met Deborah at a mediation regarding custody. She helped us through that event. Because of this positive experience, I was able to get my wife to agree to mediation regarding the financial settlement. Deborah worked with us to develop a plan that was fair and again protected the children's interest. She was able to calm my wife down when she became emotional and angry and got us to focus on the end game. Her management of the mediation kept us from getting bogged down in unnecessary detail that really didn't matter. If you ever find yourself in a situation not of your making, I would recommend Deborah's help in making the best of a bad situation

D March, 2014

Deborah has an amazing ability to eliminate volatility and strife in even the most contentious divorce cases. She is extremely sharp, fair, no-nonsense and able to transform very acrimonious circumstances into peaceful resolution that is quick and cost-effective. Highly recommend!